Surrey Residents

Dear Surrey Residents,

We have new games for you. These are brand new top voted 2016 games that we have planned for you folks. As you know we are a small group of people who gives our fellow residents the best gaming ideas to play. There are so many games, like thousands of games on the Google Play Store, so how do you choose the best games to play? People don’t have time to play each and every game out there, and thus we come into play. We play these games and review them and then give out the best games for you folks to play.

Check out the following games:

Clash Royale: We are playing Clash Royale for two months now and we are definitely addicted to the game. We are also in a clan that is about to break into the top 200 and our account is also among top 1000 players in the world. This is a great game that is designed for a fast action packed fight. It is basically a player vs player arena battle where you can come with your troops and attack down your enemies. Destroy their towers and you get to win.

Hill Climb Racing: This is one game that are really fond of. This is an extremely challenging game where you get a chance to fight out with the weird terrain that these maps offer you. The best way to win a game like this is to use cheats or there is no way you can win this game. We have used this hill climb racing hack software to get lots of coins which we used for unlocking maps and upgrading vehicles as well. Now we have fully unlocked game with all maps, vehicles and all the vehicles of our choice fully upgraded. It took us more than a million coins to achieve that. Imagine how much time it would have eaten away?

Subway Surfers: Have you played this endless running game before? It is a game which offers a lot of fun elements. It promises to pass your time in a jiffy. This game is also a game where lot of cheating is going on. How do you think people manage to make gazillion of score? They are secretly using this subway surfers hack software to get lots of coins. With those coins first they upgraded all the items and then bought tons and tons of skate boards. They use skate boards like water and never die. They will die only when they get bored of scoring, it is a matter of getting bored for them. If you want to not waste time and make high scores, then beat your friends now with this hack.

Surrey Residents

Surrey Gaming Fest

Hello there Surrey residents,

We are happy to announce that a new gaming fest is starting soon and for that we are working very hard to add lots of games for our fest. Currently we have managed to add a few games to our list and we would be happy to discuss these games with you. The following games for sure are going to be part of the fest that we are going to have in a few weeks or months.

Pixel Gun 3D – This is the best multiplayer shooting game that we have managed to tie up with. In this game you go on a battle with your friends, family and relatives or even with players from across the world that you don’t know. The concept of the game is simple, shoot and kill your enemies before they do the same to you. You get a chance to pick up weapons of your choice for this shooting act.

The most important part of the game is coins that you will desperately need if you want to customize your account better. If you want your hands on lots of coins, then we suggest you to take a look at this software called pixel gun 3d hack cheats which promises to deliver coins instantly to game accounts.

8 Ball Pool – This is a game that must be part of any game fest because this is a game where knockout tournament is possible. We could have one big pool tournament where the winner takes it all. 8 Ball Pool is a game that replicates the real game of Pool but you can play this game anytime and anywhere just on your smart phone.

In this game you can challenge your friends, family or anyone from anywhere in the world and all it takes is a few minutes to finish one game. You need certain amount of coins to play a game and for that your account must always have coins. If you ever feel that you account does not have enough coins, try this 8 ball pool hack cheats software, it has the potential to give you free coins so you can continue to play this game and have fun.

There are many more games that we promise to add to our upcoming game fest because just two games is not enough to make it a fun fest. We really need more games and we will get it.

Surrey Gaming Fest

Surrey Youth Game Lovers

Surrey Young people have now decided that they are going to play games after games till Surrey becomes #1 gamers all over the world. The world is looking at Surrey as the future game lovers and #1 players in the world. Today we are going to discuss two very interesting games that you all can play and enjoy your life to the core.

Clash of Clans is one of the best game that has ever come to this earth. Clash of Clans has almost 50 million users in the world and they really love the game a lot. Some players are playing the game for over 2 years now. Clash of Clans is a war based strategy game where every player with their own strategy is waging war with you. Every player wants to attack and destroy your buildings and take away all your resources.

You are supposed to do the same thing with them. Looting others is what ensures that you move ahead in the game. Try our COC download, that will help you get to the game with unlimited gems. Visit to get all those unlimited gems that you have always dreamed about in the past. Now get your hands on the biggest secret which has made so many players become the top player in the world.

Pou is the next game where Surrey must master themselves at. It is a very helpful game that will teach you the basics of keeping a pet. If you ever wanted to have a pet in your life then you must play this game. Here you have to play with your pet, feed them food from the refrigerator and also take them for a shower from time to time. It is about time you learn how to play these kinds of games as it teaches you big things in life. Get the game from our database and you will find yourself an account with unlimited coins. Visit for your best interests in winning this game hands down.

One of the best things about a game like Pou is that it is a virtual pet game, even if you did not take care of the pet properly, you realize that you will have done a fair job after all.

Surrey Youth Game Lovers

New Year Advice For Your Relationship

Today SYC is going to speak on a random topic and give some love and relationship advice. We believe that love is eternal and nobody should face the wrath of love and break up. So we upon 2016 new year approaching would love to offer you kids some serious advice. We are trying to make Surrey one of the most happening places with least amount of breakup.

Be Sweet To Your Girlfriend

Today we are going to give strong advice to men of Surrey. Be sweet and nice to your girlfriend. If you notice, most girls are emotional and caring and they only require love and care and attention from you. If you be sweet to them, that is good enough, they will love you forever. Where most problem occurs is when girl is demanding and its a problem. When a girl loves you from the bottom of her heart, you should also love back. If you don’t love back, they can be quite a problem in your life. We suggest you to research and be ready with sweet things to say to your girlfriend at any given point of time. If you do these small things in life, you will be happy forever.

Other demands

There are few other demands in life that you need to cater to. Her shopping needs and her need for attention. Give her gifts from time to time and keep her happy. Take her to shopping and do get tortured full day as she spends 90% of the time window shopping and 10% of the time actually buying something of her need. A girl is going to look at 100 things in a shop but have 0% intention of buying them, so that is a problem you will have to take care of. Be prepared to be asked a hundred times how is this looking or what do you think about it? Say good let’s buy and she will tell you, no I don’t really need it.

Surprise her

An important aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship is to continue surprising your girlfriend. See, a girl does not like a predictable and a routine man. She wants to be around a guy who will surprise her always. This is a flaw in a woman’s brain which looks for a man who surprise them with something. If you be boring to them and don’t surprise them, they may lose their interest in you. Girls are mostly not decision makers and like to follow your decision. If they don’t agree to your decision, they may try to make you change your decision with their persuasive powers but then they will eventually follow. This does not make them weak because they will get back at you with their demands eventually and make it equal.

New Year Advice For Your Relationship

Surrey Games Limited

We have been working towards bringing forward a brand new company which will be named as Surrey Games Limited. The basic purpose of this company will be to identify potential investments in the gaming space. The idea is to pick and choose small games with potential and invest in them, make them grow with our money and profit from these investments. Today nothing happens without investment money and to grow one needs investment. Investors too need ventures to invest their capital in and grow alongside.

Surrey Games is looking at the following games for investment so far: Please tell us if you like it.

Clash of Clans: Seeing the exponential growth of this game, we believe it will be an ideal investment for future. This game came several years ago and still is going strong. Most of the players continue to play clash of clans and refuse to go to other games, the hold is just that strong. We believe that this game may continue to steer ahead of the competition and this advantage of popularity makes it a good investment. Once we invest in the game, we will start celebrating the game by offering free gems to the most loyal players of the game.

Monster Legends: Another game with great potential and another strategy game is this one. Social Point has done a fabulous job of creating a game out of monsters and a very successful one I’d say. The basic idea of this game is to play, grow and fight. There is a battle arena to fight and a breeding ground to get new special monsters. The core concept of the game is breeding and that is why we are willing to invest into the game. Once we invest into the game, we are going to put up the best monster breeding strategies on the internet. We already share a nice detailed monster legends breeding guide at For now till we enter the game, this data should be sufficient for any new player. Enjoy the free guide which no where is possible to get.

Boom Beach: This is another game we have been eyeing for quite some time. Boom Beach is a sister game of Clash of Clans and built by the same developers. Once the company was sold, the new owners decided to make a similar game and made several enhancements over it. We love this game and there is no way we will miss investing in that. We agree that the game is not as popular as clash of clans but we are hopeful of this game picking up as well.

Surrey Games Limited

Surrey Xbox Live Gold Limited

Hello residents of Surrey and rest of the world. Today is a very big day for our city and state of Surrey. We are happy to announce that a new Xbox manufacturing plant is being set up in Surrey. After series of discussions and talks with Microsoft, they have agreed to set up a low cost manufacturing unit here in Surrey. The basic idea of this plant is to produce Xbox One units and live gold memberships that will be used in the United Kingdom and other neighboring European Countries. There has always been low demand for Xbox One here in Europe and mostly people play Sony PlayStation. One of the reasons is that Sony PS4 is much more popular and costs nearly the same if you include the import duty and taxes and shipping charges. With local manufacturing of Xbox units here in Europe, the product price will be cut significantly and become cheaper than Sony PS4.

With pricing power in hands of Xbox One now, it is possible to make it much more price competitive and that may become the prime reason for Xbox to over take PS4 sales here in Europe and specially in UK. Our local laws suggest that manufacturing in Europe itself will result in lower taxes as the manufacturing helps generate employment, so take lower tax benefit.

What are the promotional activities being planned?

Free Xbox Live Codes are being shared with all the European game lovers. We are going to begin sharing free codes for Surrey to begin with and soon move to the whole of United Kingdom and in a few months later, even in Europe.

What is Xbox Live Code?

Xbox Live Membership Codes are codes which can be used by an Xbox One player to connect to the live game server of Xbox and play games live. If a user has a particular game and it can be played live multiplayer, then it is possible to do that using live membership codes.

Why Free?

Free codes are being supplied as a special promotional activity to boost the sales of Xbox One here in UK and Europe specially. The idea is to make Xbox One more famous and better than Sony PS4. Actually critics say that Xbox is a good console but focusing mainly in America and not in other places and thus losing out on a big market. No wonder Sony PS4 has sold more than twice the amount of Xbox units so far.

Free Xbox Live Games?

No sorry, at the moment we are not supplying free games as such but if there are suggestions for the same, we can definitely think about doing a games promotional activity as well. We might do a survey to suggest what exactly are the things people would like to get free of cost.

Membership time?

We currently are supplying 12 month memberships and so after 12 months have passed, you might have to pay real money to extend the membership, but we believe 12 months is a long time to get free gaming chance.

Is Xbox Live good?

Xbox Live is the best thing that could have happened to this world. With live servers, you can play games multiplayer with people from across the world, imagine that? Now technologies have enabled us to connect to cloud servers nearest to an individual’s location and thus lag factor is no longer destroying the fun of playing anymore. All you need is an Xbox Console, a good internet and you are all set!

Surrey Xbox Live Gold Limited

Surrey Featured In FIFA 16

Being a resident of Surrey, it is a proud moment for me to say that Surrey has finally been put the global map in the game of FIFA 16. We are very happy and would like to celebrate this with a party. Surrey is a huge Football fan zone for people from across the world. We had been requesting FIFA to include some of our city stadiums as well. Finally our request has been accepted in the latest game of FIFA that hit the stores last week.

We immediately went and bought our copy of FIFA 16 from the store the moment we saw the email from the developers that Surrey has been represented in this game. Not just the name or players from Surrey, the game has a whole game that is played in Surrey in one of it’s World Tournaments. Last year it was London only that was featured in the tournaments but this time we have almost two matches in our United Kingdom. This is good, we are enjoying it. I believe this could push the FIFA sales in UK to an all time high. I clearly remember that two years ago when they added London, people went crazy to have their capital represented here. If you don’t own the game, you can quickly buy and download the official game from this website that offers cheap games xbox one.

FIFA 16 is one of the most famous game franchises of all time. Can you believe that their first game came at 1997? FIFA 97, it was called. They became famous after FIFA 99. Great music and great game play totally brought this game on the spotlight that time. We also heard about this franchise when FIFA 99 came. After that it has just taken off like crazy. They implemented the latest 3D requirements, a more realistic game play. They have been working hard on the graphics as well. The game players look almost like real players now and the game play also feels like you are playing a real game of football outside.

For the first time FIFA has also brought out Female players in this game. It seems there was a strong request from female athletes from across the world to implement this. The girls made a pledge to not play a FIFA game that is biased only towards men. And there you go, official FIFA 16 with female players. You however will require some FIFA16 coins to unlock this portion of the game. Go grab em now!

Surrey Featured In FIFA 16

Three Reasons For Not Buying a Car

Surrey is a fast growing city in the United Kingdom and the prime reason for it is it’s interesting location. Surrey is bordering London, the most populated city in UK. Because of it’s prime location, it is gaining a lot of traction. Many people are coming here from London as it is cheaper to stay in Surrey than in London. With booming real estate and city, we are soon going to experience a lot of traffic and chaos on city roads if not done anything.

Surrey is opening up to car for hire services and is in talks with a lot of such companies. One of the top contenders to bag our Limo Service license is Limo NJ. It is a company based in New Jersey and New York and wants to come and operate in Surrey as well. It is looking to expand their operations in and around London. Their partners are ready to offer London to Surrey and Surrey to London services as well. Due to good quality roads, the travel time between the two cities is very less and thus many are opting to stay in our city while work in London to save money.

We are giving good free advice to the Youth of Surrey. Don’t buy a car, hire our subsidized Limo services. We give you 3 reasons to do that:

Cost Benefit: With our upcoming plan to subsidize limo/car rental services, the costs will not be very high. Buying a car through a loan can be pretty expensive, it will suck out a lot of your savings each month, plus UK government’s tax policy will make car only more expensive in future. With our subsidized rates for cab services, it may be really cheap to rent a car rather.

Relax/Work – Why do you want to drive your own car when you can sit at the back seat and relax, probably talk on the phone or even work on your phone or a laptop? Let others take the tension of driving in a big city.’

Location – All limo service drivers are supposed to be having entire knowledge about the city they are driving at. No more trouble with locations, let your drive take you to your location without any problems.

This is 2015 and not 1995, driving is not the same as before. These days the lesser you drive, the healthier you will stay. Thus we suggest, you rent a car and not buy a car. Save environment, save money and fuel.

Three Reasons For Not Buying a Car